Fourteen tracks of up-tempo fiddle favorites, including classics like the Orange 
              Blossom Special, Devil Went Down to Georgia, Don’t Get Around Much Anymore, 
                               Autumn Leaves, and more.  Over fifty minutes of music.  
                         You can download on iTunes or order your hard copy here today:


                                    reconnecting through music

                                                   You  .  God  .  Clarity  .  Life

      Enjoy this five-track album of relaxing Christian hymns and folk songs played on guitar and 
   violin.  Jamie shapes each song using the principles of music therapy, creating a soundtrack for 
                            restoring peace of mind, alleviating stress, and restoring clarity. 
                                               “Even my dogs were relaxed.”  --Tami C.

                “The first thing my kids do when they get home is put this in the cd player.”  --Natalie H.

                “Even with all the stresses on my mind lately, this cd relaxes me within minutes.”  --Pamela B.
Jamie Bartschi